What it feels like shipping your job overseas where you came from?

natures-paintbrushJust like any other businesses, the company where you work right now is shutting down anon. The hysterical thing is that, it is going to the place of your birthplace. It is like life you relished for the mean time and then, arduous time comes and you’re require to be vigorous and stay positive, stay focus and be resolute until you can stand on your own feet again.

In your own perspective, you tried to understand the economy’s situations. It constantly changed, like the rate of jobless people in every country, most specifically in United States. Therefore, investors are being smart these days on how to grow their business and be more profitable.

The Philippines, considered an emerging market and an incipiently industrialized country, which has been transitioning from being one predicated on agriculture to one predicated more on accommodations and manufacturing, has been always on the lists of foreign investors.

When you were adolescent, your goal is to reach United States of America. By the time that you are grown up, you conclusively consummate your dream country. For the first time, in your life you travelled out of the country by yourself, endeavored to understand every direction in your destination. As you ken, lay over in other country with language arduous to decipher is like endeavoring to learn your first word.

In addition, so you determinately reached your destination. Settled into a simple dormitory with your other a moiety, found a job that is suited to your work history. Years had passed, and you conclusively landed on what you thought was sempiternal job. A plethora of things transpired by then. You were able to send mazuma back home, buys stuff that you cerebrated you cannot afford afore. Namely branded attire, shoes and some mundane electronics contrivances. For sure, you are not going to be reach working in factory. However, it does avail on your circadian substructure needs.

Until one day, your plant manager called an emergency meeting for everybody. All of you accumulated together wondering what it is all about, your heartbeat pounding so expeditious. After he narrated what he had to verbally express. The plant is shutting and is going to be shipped overseas, Philippines. Whatever the reason abaft this is none of everybody’s business. Now you are worried, what is going to transpired next? During those times, your other half decide to tackle other vocation and you needed to shoulder most of the house expenses. Moreover, this thing transpired, you feel pressured and virtually dejected.

Even though, there are promised benefits to get, you still feel upset, woebegone and emotionally stressed. In the sense of missing your found friends, as all of you will tackled different paths .People where you learned more about their language by guiding you to felicitous utilization of every words. The company that you spend with them during jubilant times and lamentable times. As we all ken, everyone has different posture and life approach. Once betokens after everything is done, we will peregrinate an incipient path and meet incipient personalities.

To culminate this, “Everybody should always put in mind that nobody is sempiternal in this world. There is no tree without growing a seed. No harvest without cultivation a land and have dirty hands. What you feel right now is just ephemera, because your are upset or probably overacting to the situation”.


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